Albert Frost searches for his creative muse on newest single and music video “I’m Still Here”

Channeling just what he’s known for: a deft blend of acoustic and electric guitar with a kind of blues rock signature sound, Albert Frost delivers a brand new video for latest single “I’m Still Here”. 

The track is all about surviving in the music industry for as long as Frost has, affirming that his love for what he does will never die. However, having racked up multiple award nominations over the last two-decades, including a SAMA win, as well as having toured with the likes of Simple Minds, REM, Ali Farka Touré and the Rolling Stones, it’s hard to think that Frost’s music was ever not going anywhere. 

“I’m Still Here” is high-energy all the way through, ringing true to classic sounds of rock with a fierce spirit for survival that matches the track’s lyrical musings. As for the video, it’s slightly left-of-centre, telling the story of Frost’s muse, and his constant fight in trying to find and release his creativity.

It’s a dark and moody visual, and seems, in some weird way, to depict what it must be like for the songs living inside of Frost’s head. And it’s that mad musical energy that keeps them alive too.