“Come Again” is the Rubber Duc and ADAM collaboration you never knew you needed

South Africa’s favourite flat cap toting pop band Rubber Duc have paired up with Afrikaans pop group ADAM (who broke up last year but have re-emerged with an extra member to boot) to create a light-hearted electro-pop track just in time for the summer. 

With an undeniably cheery disposition and a touch of innuendo, “Come Again” is a fun and cheeky offering that feels overtly geared towards young people’s summer playlists. While a well-produced and cohesive collaboration, it’s packed with mainstream melodies which fail to distinguish it from the slew of similar sounding tracks. But while it may fall short of being entirely memorable it is still perfect for some in-the-moment head bopping. 

In true electro style, the song builds its way up to a drop, giving way to an upbeat and dynamic chorus. Strong and varied vocals from ADAM’s trio breathe life into the simplistic lyrics, vacillating between three distinct vocal styles to give the song a boyband feel.

For those of you who enjoy singing along, it comes along with a fun-infused lyric video whose palette of colours perfectly captures the mood and tone of the song. Enjoyable, inoffensive and ever so slightly catchy, “Come Again” is a step in a new direction for both bands that is bound to grow on you.