Desmond and the Tutus relaunch online store and drop new video for “Hard Work” that was made in 15 minutes in a parking lot

South African indie rock band, Desmond and the Tutus, has just announced the relaunch of their online merch store. In addition to the regular stuff like t-shirts and CDs, the site also lists a few unexpected items.

How would you like to own a lock of hair from the singer, Shane, or have a poem written about you by the drummer, Craig? Look no further than Des-Mart, “Your one stop Desmond shop”! The items range from cute (a member of the band draws a picture of you) to fun (a private show at your home) to downright bizarre (for a fee, members of the band will harass you via Whatsapp voice-note for a day). The band is even selling used household items like a baby’s car seat, um… ok. 

There’s something here for everyone from the Desmond-newbie to the obsessed superfan and in case you miss it in the site’s fine print, every purchase – big or small – comes with a free MP3 download of the new Desmond and the Tutus album “Desmond”.

Check out their new music video below for the first single “Hard Work” off their upcoming album Desmond below.

Desmond and the Tutus has amassed an army of loyal fans over their 15-odd years of making music and many of those fans won’t be able to wait until the 4th of December. If you’re one of these fans, you’ll be glad to hear that there is a way to listen to the album sooner, but it will take a bit of work.

The only copy of the album exists in a wooden box in an eatery at 6 Desmond Street, Kramerville. If you’d like to hear the album before it hits the internet, take a drive to Desmond street, have a seat at Razor Charlie and plug your headphones into the box.