Far From Who We Are release an intense live performance music video for new single “Rise”

Falling somewhere between melodic songwriting and full-force hard rock, Far From Who We Are are known as a manic three-piece, and their latest single and music video “Rise” is no less energy driven.

It also happens to be the group’s first release via newly signed German record label HopePunk, and right off they seem a genuinely good fit. Underpinned by hard-hitting riffs and a stoic beat, “Rise” is dark yet uplifting, treated with a steady production value that really elevates the track past average. 

If anything, I would have liked a bit more of the muffled vocal quality. It feels fresh, transforming the run-of-the-mill rock writing into something with a lot more potential to excite. 

The video is aimed at expressing an idea of rising above dark and difficult situations, with shadowy visuals portraying the band in an intense live-performance set up. They consider themselves a live band more so than studio musicians, and while they haven’t been able to get back on to the stage as of yet, this video seems to have brought them just a little bit closer to being that band again.