Fokofpolisiekar announce unplugged live stream gig for November and tease new music video for “Teen Die Wet”

At the end of November Fokofpolisiekar will unplug their electric guitars and switch to acoustic instruments to create a livestream show completely different from their usual explosive sound.

2020 has been an intense year, so Die Bende are keen to embrace the onset of summer with acoustic and piano adaptations of their music.

“Just like our 17th birthday livestream we want to create something that is unique and that will be remembered for years to come. 2020 is a crazy year and by livestreaming this show we will also document how we ended it off. The best part is that anyone can be part of this historic moment, just by tuning in,’’ explains Jaco Snakehead Venter.

“With the restrictions on gatherings that came with COVID-19, we had to revert to livestreaming to generate income, but you can only stream that many times,” shrugs Wynand Myburgh. “So this could potentially be our last, but this stream will be something special that can be experienced by fans, family and friends from all over the world in real time. That is the beauty of livestreaming – a show instantly becomes an international concert.”

The sound of FOKOF unplugged will be streamed live from the artist and band friend, Lionel Smit’s, studio in Somerset West.

But thats not all the Fokof news we have for you today. Tonight at 8pm Die Bende will premiere a music video for “Teen die Wet” on YouTube.

“Teen die Wet” is a piano-driven ballad from Fokofpolisiekar’s latest EP, Kajuitkoors, which was released in October this year.

Renowned artist, Lionel Smit, shot this music video while the guys were recording Kajuitkoors at Sunset Studios.

The video does not just capture the beauty of the studio setting on the private Wechmarshof country estate, but also the feelings the band members were experiencing while recording “Teen die Wet”. As explained by Hunter: “It’s about the psychological effects of the lockdown. I’ve cried a few times while listening to it when I think of all the horror stories of lockdown that has nothing to do with the virus.”

After the 8pm YouTube premiere, the five Fokofpolisiekar members will be going live on Facebook to talk about the unplugged livestream, the new music video, the Kajuitkoors EP and to have a hang with fans and field any questions they have.