Meet KRIS BLACK, the Mpumalanga rising star who sashayed onto the scene with a blindingly impressive EP and video

It is not often we hear from Mpumalanga but the east coast province has just slapped us with KRIS BLACK (real name, Kabelo Tswai) and it is a bit of a ‘drop the mic’ moment.  

The singer-songwriter, who is quite possibly steezy personified, sashayed onto the scene with his independent EP titled FAIRYTALES II at the beginning of October, which garnered some traction on streaming platforms racking up forty-thousand streams across streaming platforms to date.

KRIS BLACK describes FAIRYTALES II as a heartbreak album wrapped in a collection of “what ifs” – working through stages of grief after the death of a relationship.

The pulse of the EP lies within the lead single, “have i failed you?” which is accompanied by a self-directed visual that demonstrates the effectiveness of simplicity and clever camera work when wading through heady topics like self-doubt, anxiety and fear.

KRIS BLACK’s collaboration with editor William Khentwa, on the slick work of moody cinematography for “have i failed you?” channels sonic indie rap inspiration, SAINt JHN, exploring a number of musical fusions like EDM, pop, rock and Afrobeats. 

“My biggest critic is me so these songs are about the numbness I get with fighting with myself about profound decisions. I’m grateful that I can show a glimpse of my complicated life, relationships like the one I have with myself, even though listening to that little voice gets tiring, it ultimately is the force that keeps driving me forward,” explains KRIS BLACK – and we’re here to see where that force takes him.