MiCasa pairs their love-soaked electro-ballad “Mamela” with a bittersweet visual

We’re always up for indulging in a little something from South Africa’s most lauded house trio. When Tecla sat down with MiCasa’s frontman J’Something for the third season of Texx Talks in September, we really got the lowdown on the journey so far and if you thought MiCasa might have already peaked you’re sorely wrong.

They’ve got a brand new video out and its emotion-fuelled journey finds them channeling a far dreamier side to their beat-driven preferences for a change. “Mamela” is as much of a ballad as they’re likely to make: a chiming, charming undeniably pretty synth tune leads the way. Pretty is the operative word here, because beneath the trademark thumping beat this track feels like a summer romance – which is exactly what it is.

Lifted off their fifth and latest album We Made It, the track comes along after a chilly winter lockdown with the promise of summer sunshine looming and is all about heading off on a romantic getaway, really.

The visual, directed by Katya Abedian and produced by Sazi Mbalekwa, is an emotive, sun-soaked ode to the carefree days – tracking a young couple’s journey of love through sweeping African fields to man in question’s current state of illness. It’s moving – effervescently uplifting and bittersweet all at once. A song for the lovers out there.