Mkenemy’s newest video “Cimizbane” is a heady piece of music set to the backdrop of a vibrant Jozi

Meet Mkenemy: a Joburg-hailing rapper who prefers to go by the term “Vernacular MC”, keeping his hometown culture at the core of his musical identity. His latest video and single “Cimizbane” has just racked in over 10k views on Youtube in two days, a massive accomplishment for this emerging artist with mad determination to make it to the top. 

Mkenemy pens most of his lyrics in both isiXhosa and English, and sometimes isiZulu, drawing on his childhood memories of listening to kwaito and old school boom bap rap music to deliver his Kasi-rap style of music-making. 

“Cimizbane” carries on in the same vein, coming as a hard street banger that boasts the punchlines and multi-syllable flow of township music. If not a bit repetitive at times, it’s a versatile, heady piece of music, with a brooding synth bass line that ties it all together.

The music video, directed by Gxuma Visuals, pays homage to one of Mkenemy’s musical icons, Prokid, opening with a scene from the Prokid mural in Newtown as a nod to the profound influence he has on Mkenemy’s music, whilst simultaneously portraying him at the backdrop of a vibrant cityscape that matches the gusto of the track itself.