Nic Billington gets real about new relationships and their dangers with a sleek, monochromatic visual for “You Get Me High”

Nic Billington first made a name for himself as that South African YouTube cover artist who got featured on Britney Spears’ website in 2008. Yes, that happened. A career cleverly kicked off at the rise of an an accelerating online platform which saw him forge ahead as followers flocked to his page. Nothing like navigating the net before it was cool.

Twelve years of sheer determination and hard-pushed work ethic later and Billington has a string of chart topping singles, a critically-acclaimed debut album, and a more recent #1 hit – “Wish You Well” – under his belt, and he’s aiming ever higher.

His latest single and accompanying visual, “You Get Me High” drops exclusively on Texx and the City today, and is a monochromatic narrative of the perils and pitfalls of new relationships.

Pulsing disco synths, straight outta the ’80s – only a little more polished – meet modern pop hooks for a track bred for radio. It’s something new and little edgy for Billington – well not the radio-bred part, but the rest – and he’s backed it up with a minimalistic video which is as unsettling as it is unexpectedly dark.

“You Get Me High” is a stark and unexpected juxtaposition of sound and visual somehow gone quite right – and as Billington appears to be carving out a whole new path for himself, we’re watching closely where it goes from here.