Orah and the Kites’ new single “There She Goes” is something of a sweet sonic wonderland

Sweet Captonian larks Orah and the Kites have taken it upon themselves to inject a dose of 80’s-esque anthemic goodness into our summer playlists with their latest single “There She Goes”, and it’s a dream by all accounts. 

The band, which comprises of the trio Ntokozo Mzimela, Teagyn Gracey, and Jaimie De Klerk – alongside Tristan De Beer, Kieron Brown, and Giovanni Serci – have created a wholly unique sound that features masterfully layered melodies that ebb and flow, constantly evolving as the song unfolds.

“There She Goes” is characterised by its wholly simple and repetitive lyrics which are brought to life by spectacular harmonies and dulcet tones. The song itself is an enigma, an amalgamation of sounds that in theory shouldn’t work together – as a variety of instruments, tempos and genres combine to create a kind of cacophonic wonderland that’s equal parts ethereal and anthemic – and completely enthralling.

Unravelling like a play, with three distinct parts, the track is intriguing and easily captivating, as it drags you down a sort of sonic rabbit hole. Shimmering riffs are intertwined with a dynamic drumline and steady bassline to create a base to which the sax and synth – which vacillates between being dramatic and whimsical – are added. And the result? An absolute earworm.

“There She Goes” makes no sense while simultaneously making the most sense – and you’re going to love every second of it.