SAMP[AU]LE pushes the envelope with a striking narrative on queer relationships in his new single and video “die ANDERKANT”

He’s brand new on the scene and Capetonian Afrikaans rapper SAMP(AU)LE (pronouced “sample”) is captivating on sight. He’s 22 years old, queer and pushing back with defiant force against conservative Afrikaans culture. The result is a strikingly minimalistic and unexpectedly moving take on hip-hop: clean cut rap meets boyish vocals and darker themes, composed, recorded and produced entirely by SAMP(AU)LE himself.

“die ANDERKANT” comes along as his hard-hitting debut, outlining a ream of his own struggles with his sexuality, religion and mental health through the magnifying glass of a toxic relationship between two young men. It’s lifted off his upcoming EP, Klein Dorp Sindroom (Small Town Syndrome) and I have a feeling the full project is going to push the envelope heard – or at least attempt to.

The accompanying video, filmed and edited by Anna-Gloria Shigwedha and directed by Paul-Samuel Rheeder, is a moody portrayal of said toxic love affair, seeped in low light melancholia and a spiraling mental health juxtaposing sun-soaked memories of the relationship lost. It’s equal parts unsettling and heartbreaking. This is the story of a boy recently out of the closet, refusing to be put back in the box. And his music is here to make sure of it.