SILVABLACK channels a brand of dark, ominous rap rarely seen in SA with his latest album RORSCHACH

Back after four years and as enigmatic as ever, Joburg-based rapper SILVABLACK (Darryl Silvablack) picks right back up where he left off with a brand new album that screams post-apocalyptic haunted house.

SILVABLACK is off to a rowdy start with the launch of his official sophomore album RORSCHACH at arguably one of the best bars in Melville, Smoking Kills, last week. The brand new offering has the potential to rip up the local and international airwaves as a range of sonic “schizophrenic” conversations packaged in anger-rap addresses themes of existentialism and act as a stock-take of mental health status.

SILVABLACK’S Eminim-esque signature of channeling his anger into unrhymable words laid on a bed of dark, ominous melodies plays right into the complex character that is SILVABLACK.

Lock your doors and hide ouma because RORSCHACH is on the prowl in all its hard-hitting, twisted glory.