Sipho The Gift releases two-track EP, Vibe On 10, revealing a new and exciting electronic side to his sound

Sipho The Gift is rolling out song after song, hitting us yet again with a brand new two-track EP titled Vibe On 10. It’s made up of the single of the same name and an amapiano remixed version – both wavey, smooth and energetic. 

Following on from a wealth of successful tracks, including the acclaimed “BLOOM” and the chest-thumping “BOY”, “Vibe On 10” pairs Sipho’s mad skills as an MC with electronic undertones that hint at KAYTRANADA, Black Coffee and the likes. It’s a surprising offering by Sipho The Gift, proving yet another side to his diverse musicality. 

The single is produced by Futurewave juggernaut and Soulection super-producer Sango (who’s worked with the hot-shot likes of Frank Ocean and Christina Aguilera), and features Ghanian vocalist Damaris Joy on vocals. It’s a colourful collaboration, capped off by the inclusion of the amapiano remix, produced by South African protege MOJVKI and DJ KWAMZY.

And not only has this project taken Sipho far outside his comfort zone, but it’s revealed layers to his sound that I don’t think any of us knew existed, maybe not even Sipho himself, and we can’t wait to see what he does with this new discovery.