Southern Wild wax poetic on the human condition in a rain-soaked video for rock-ballad “Time On Your Hands”

If there’s one band I will almost always stop to lavish praise upon, it’s Southern Wild. I’ve come to the opinion that, after four years of slow and steady navigation of the alt-rock scene, they have established themselves as one of the most impressive and underrated rock bands the country has to offer.

“Time on My Hands” comes as the first single released since their 2019 alt-rock anthem “We Don’t Get Out Alive”. It’s an emotion-fueled rock ballad, chronicling the human condition through the lens of the sort of gruelling daily grind which never really gets you very far. Dave Van Vuuren flexes his liquid vocals with gospel-esque finesse, over a textured crescendo of alt-rock and neo-soul inclinations, fleshed out by the welcome addition of Rami Jaffee from the Foo Fighters on organ and keys.

The video tracks a striking Van Vuuren making his rainy, grey way along the seaside train tracks – fur-trimmed coat and Doc Martens only heightening his effortless angsty rock-star image. The moody backdrop is punctuated by the raw passion and emotion Van Vuuren injects into his every word.

It’s pivotal and striking, packed full of effusive melody and ever-astounding vocalism.