Texx Talks

Texx Talks S3 E9 features Shane Cooper – jazz pioneer and DIY guru inspiring a new generation of online musos

Shane Cooper is a bassist, composer and producer with an affinity for all kinds of genres and mediums. 

Gravitating towards the bass as his instrument of choice, while simultaneously making beats under his moniker of Card On Spokes and with his band Mabuta, Shane is part of a new wave of jazz artists pushing the genre forward in South Africa and his work is melodically rich and colourful, shining a bright light on the immense talent that we have in this country.

From navigating the “new normal”, to meticulously chipping away at attaining the perfect balance between work and play, Shane delivers the consummate “dummies guide” to maintaining one’s sanity and ensuring that no aspect of one’s life should ever be taken for granted. 

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Listen to Texx Talks featuring Shane Cooper below.

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