the klubs’ Cult Party is the catharsis we needed for a chaotic year

What do you get when you combine a bucketload of disdain for pretty much everything, some angry introspection and some frenzied riffs? The answer is Cult Party. The culmination of the post-punk band’s three-part EP series, this album is dirtier, angrier and louder than a cat that’s been dropped in a muddy pond and – after the absolute trash pile of the year we’ve all had – you’re going to love every minute of it.

The three-man band (comprising of Dylan Christie, Wesley Reinecke and Warren Frost) have mastered the art of making the term “a hard pill to swallow” into an entire album. Brutally honest, brooding and rife with self-criticism (along with a healthy dose of apathy towards the state of the world), Cult Party invites you to take a long hard look at yourself before pointing a finger at anyone else.

Their sound is raw, unrelenting and utterly unapologetic as Christie delivers truth after hard truth. From the very first track it’s a bombardment of uncompromising bassline, stunningly raucous riffs and tempestuous drums, which come together to create a sound that hovers on the edge of overwhelming, just managing to balance sheer chaos with melodious.

The band has made an album that functions as a sort of catharsis for 2020: each of the tracks strike a chord with the frustration we’re all feeling, bringing to life the existential angst that has plagued our lives during lockdown and, most importantly, giving us a way to release these emotions with some good old fashioned headbanging.