The Tazers take a minimalist, performance-based route in their video for “Dream Machine”

After the decadent masterpiece that was the video for “Plastic Kids” I’ll admit to expecting “Dream Machine” to go down a similar path, especially considering directors Michael Rodrigues and Tarryn Hatchett are once again at the helm.

With a black and white filter referencing the band’s aesthetic circa 2015, the video is made up of the band playing in various locations in and around Tweefontein Melkery in Kempton Park where they recorded their upcoming EP Dream Machine – set for release next year.

The constant changing of scenery keeps The Tazers away from the usual performance-video pitfalls and the nod to the band’s roots is a nice touch. However there seems to be a disconnect between the song and the video as the visuals seldom seem to meet the music’s energy, a prime example being during Lock’s guitar solo where the tension he builds up seems to go by unacknowledged.

Perhaps it’s not fair to compare the video for “Dream Machine” to its predecessor but the truth is that it doesn’t meet the admittedly high standards of “Plastic Kids” – it’s a banger nevertheless.