Amy Ayanda’s video for “Beginners” is a bold, deeply personal glimpse into her world

For Amy Ayanda, family has almost always been intrinsically woven into her work. From her partner Dean forming a keystone figure in her live performance set up, to her daughter Frank playing a constant role in the evolution of her arts.

“Beginners” comes lifted off her latest EP Dirty Laundry – which saw Ayanda dive deep into her world and all the nuances which shape it – and is a not-your-average-love-song penned to her Tinder-date-now-husband, Dean. It’s a love song all about the in-between bits: the co-parenting and the making ends meet, the fatigue and the disturbed nights. Now Ayanda is expecting twins and there’s a whole new journey in the works.

The video, directed by Maxime Thysen (who also happened to be pregnant by the time the filming rolled out), is a beautifully candid glimpse into a morning in the life, punctuated by washed-out, vintage-esque frames of an artistic daydream: carrots in her hair, in a bed of flowers, sprawled beside a cornucopia of food with a loaf of bread as a pillow. It sounds funny really – yet somehow it’s entirely, authentically, touching. Frank presses stickers onto the face of her exhausted mama as Ayanda croons over a dreamy, jazzy, minimalistic backbone, “You will join the crusade from Monday till Friday / I will watch our baby / we will take it day by day / we will surely fail a little bit.”

“Beginners” is about the magic of the mundane and it’s polished and whimsical without ever portraying a whiff of idealization.