Avi Mack’s self-directed music video “Like I Used To” is a vivid visual full of meaning

Avi Mack has a new video out for his pop-sensible single “Like I Used To”, and it’s a commentary on the way the media manipulates our view of the current political climate in the world. 

Directed and edited by Mack himself, the ’90’s analog visual starts out on a box TV before jumping to a kind of studio-stage setup, packed with lights and all. It’s crazy vibrant, and a little bit quirky too (but who doesn’t love a little quirky nature), depicting a kind of love-hate relationship between Mack and the technology – around him. And as he performs to the backdrop of a grand LED screen, coming into vignettes and VCR-screen effects, Mack proves his knack for artful video direction. 

The visual is also over-layed with quotes from Maya Angelou’s poem I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, bringing in a whole other dimension of meaning to Mack’s digital creation.

And while the track itself doesn’t quite match the cutting-edge video – almost feeling a little too popped-up for such an inviting visual – Mack holds his own in a world where every artist is trying to stand out.