Best Of 2020: Indie Music Videos

In a year where most of us were online for longer than we would have perhaps liked, at least the standard of music videos that were produced were of the highest quality to keep us entertained.

This year’s videos were hilariously quirky, incredibly personable, and at times, poignant and groundbreaking and so, in no particular order, enjoy our best videos of 2020.

PHFAT “Whatever You Like”

Paul Ward was adamant about taking us on an abstract journey through the various shades of love’s emotions by showcasing its dark, beautiful, and honest reality and I’m not even going to front, this is my favourite SA music video of the year. – Tecla Ciolfi

Urban Village ‘Ubaba”

This is a beautifully shot rendering of daily life in one of the many hostels of Soweto which housed black male South Africans throughout the 1900s as they worked in the city mines. – Skye Mallac

Gemma Griffiths “NDINEWE”

From the dripping rainforests of Uganda to the rippling beaches of Tanzania and Mozambique, this video tracks Gemma and her Land Rover through dusty Namibia, Zimbabwean city streets, rural Malawi, and winding South African rivers. – Skye Mallac

Kloudink “Later”

This video, pastel-coloured and desaturated, takes place on a sweeping Garden Route beach – my money is on Wilderness – as the volleyball contenders line up in luridly coloured shorts and sweatbands and, one by one, proceed to take Kloudink down. – Skye Mallac

Je Suis Ohne’s video for “So Much”

Directed by the talented Michael Rodrigues and Jono Kyriakou, a strong contrast is drawn between the two tennis players in this video and the cinematography is something to behold, with stunning shots throughout capturing Steve’s mesmerised infatuation. – Gavin Pierce

Thor Rixon and Deep Aztec – Dark Side (Catherine)

Shot in Cape Town by FarOutFilms, editor and animator Caitie Weare crafted this funky tune into a nostalgic lo-fi aesthetic to match the tone, with old-school groovy footage laid under scenes of the lo-fi disco dukes jamming out to synthy zings – finessed by cinematographer Julian Evans. – Catherine De Monte

Painted Flowers – River Song

Joburg’s newest alternative six-piece come out the gate swinging with a debut single and music video that’s just as old-school as their antique sound, shot entirely on film by Natalie Wra. – Alessandro Gueli

Bye Beneco – Baby I’m Gold

Directed and shot by Hankyeol Lee, the video may be Bye Beneco’s most glamourous to date, oozing ’80s charm and replete with all the drama, glitter and gaudy outfits to match. – Jessica Littlewood

Mikhaela Faye’s “Breathe Into My Blue”

Directed by Hana Jayne Sho (who’s a repeat offender on this list, also working on PHFAT’s “Whatever You Like”) this video finds Faye emotionally vulnerable and totally honest in her bedroom as hues of coloured lights dance across the room. – Alden

Ruff Majik – Who Keeps Score

A collaboration between Llewellyn van Eeden and long-time illustrator of the band Annemarie Buchner, Ruff Majik try their hand at vampire hunting in this animated video that sees their characters realise that they might have bitten off more than they can chew. – Daniel Luckhoff-Wessels

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