Cara Frew teams up with BeatsByHand to remix latest single “Waiting For Love”, and the video is a celebration of friends

Only 3 months after its initial release, Cara Frew’s  “Waiting For Love” has had itself a face-lift, in the form of a remixed version featuring BeatsByHand, and while it’s just the kind of cool collab we were in need of on this blistering summer Friday, I’m not sure it trumps the original. 

The mix weaves gritty pop vocals with a perfect fusion of down-tempo melody, trading the acoustic guitar for a hard-hitting, groovy bass-line. Still I’m not convinced that BeatsByHand’s contributions revamp Frew’s own version for the better, but then again, I’m also always one to favour the simple acoustics, and can’t deny that the track meets the mark as far as summer remixes go, delivering whole-heartedly on that electro loved-up, contemporary sound. 

The video is just as fun, featuring phone recorded clips of Cara’s birthday celebrations back while she was still living in Berlin, coming as a shout out to all those who bring love into her life. Cara’s upcoming EP is set to be released mid-2021, following a wealth of local and international success, including a SAMA nomination, a Black Coffee collaboration, an appearance on the Coachella Stage, and a sync placement on the hit TV-series Pretty Little Liars, and while we wait for what is sure to be a smashing release, a little remix won’t hurt.