Dada Shiva joins DOOKOOM on their new project A$CII DAGGER, with a menacing debut single “Rising”

Based in the Mother City, but signed to I.O.T. Records in Marseille, France, A$CII DAGGER is the new project risen from the ashes of notorious Cape Town-based noise-rap menaces, DOOKOOM – who have also brought fresh new MC Dada Shiva on board for the ride.

Human Waste, spo0ky and POTT$ finish the line-up, all known to be game-changing players in their respective fields, together progressing from their earlier days of hardcore punk and rap to deliver a more polished aesthetic on A$CII DAGGER. 

That being said, there’s no shortage of heavy distortion, shredded riffs and grimy trap beats (to be fair, what else could we expect from these guys?), with Dada Shiva delivering on that charismatic lyrical presence to produce an all-round sound that is, dare I say, slightly more accessible than anything DOOKOOM have brought us in the past.

Their debut single “Rising” came out just a few weeks back, and it’s all about one-upping your enemy in every way possible. The dark, drill-inspired assault is led by Shiva, whose flow is without a doubt some of the tightest I’ve heard this year, whilst Human Waste rounds off a sound perfectly maxim for war. 

Not to mention POTT$’s crazy intense drumming, adding to the blistering guitars and dirty basslines that, all together, solidify these guys and their sound.

Up until the start of the year the crew had been wrecking festivals around the globe, including Afropunk and the Cape Town International Jazz Festival, and while they wait to get back on the stage with a debut EP set for release later next year, A$CII DAGGER might just be the project that boosts them past the secondary days of DOOKOOM, and into something wildly invigorating.