Die Heuwels Fantasties revisit and revamp the best of their repertoire in their 2020 wrap album, HERVERBEEL

These guys don’t sit idle. It may not have been the year for live shows, but Die Heuwels Fantasties have set the bar high when it comes to churning out the new stuff. Coming barely six months after the release of their genre-spanning lockdown album 2021, the band returns armed with a slew of fan favourites from across their 11-year repertoire – reworked, revamped and shining.

HERVERBEEL is essentially a glorious reminisce of the decade or so the band has been powering across the scene – all the nooks and crannies of the scene frontman Pierre Greeff has led them into. It’s an album for the fans: favourites remade to 2020 scale with fresh perspective.

For those of you hoping for something new – they’ve got you covered too. The album opens on “Hardloop Weg” – an ’80s synth pop run-away-with-me treffer, replete in breezy, summer dreams. The accompanying video – directed by Hugo Brand and featuring popular actress Rolanda Marais as leading lady – dropped last week.

But for the rest of the ride, it’s golden oldies: reworked ballads, fiery collaborations to fluff them out, and revisited classics backlit by a brand new spotlight. Tresor lends a hop-African twist to “Shangri-La”, Loki Rothman joins the crew for the rousing ballad that is “Ek Is Aan Jou Kant”, while Margot brings a welcome femme touch to “Mejuffrou SONNEBLOM”. They even brought rising new-kid-on-the-block Chxrl on board for the dreamy roboticism of “Doodgewone Aand”.

The likes of Tarryn Lamb, Laudo Liebenberg, Ampie, and Die Krefies also make a welcome appearance – before they pump the breaks and go back to instrumental basics with an orchestral rendition of “Oorlewing 101”, and a stripped, brass-infused remake of cult favourite “Leja”.

Die Heuwels Fantasties know just how to make the music industry tick in time to their own beat, even in the height of a pandemic. And they just keep pushing the envelope.