Espacio Dios drops an unadulterated video for fan favourite “Naledi”

March 2020 saw the release of Espacio Dios’ debut album Son of Uri, a 13-track ode to diversity and culture. Sung in English, Setswana, Swahili and Zulu, Dios delivered a record that was pure and warm, and true to this diverse cultural upbringing, whilst still managing to retain a soul-like R&B groove at the best of times. 

Firm fan favourite “Naledi” – Dio’s smooth take on love in today’s world – has just got itself a video to match, and it’s the perfect visual for this banger of a love song. 

Directed and produced by Clout Killed The Kids, and featuring the local talent of emerging musos Muzi and Thando Nje, the video tells a story of innocent, unadulterated love between two young women. The visual is also overlaid with a vintage film reel effect which gives a whimsical, romantic vibe to the whole piece that work’s entirely in its favour, only amplifying the genuine bond these girls share. 

That matched with the Dios’ synth-laden vocals and the track’s all-round feel-good energy, and you’re in for a proper treat.