Hugh Davison’s video for “Breathe” has a lot to say underneath its surface-level simplicity

The video for Hugh Davison’s latest single “Breathe” is testament to the timeless power music has to elevate people above their personal hell-scapes, even if only for a few minutes.

It is a song about so many things but perhaps most importantly, it’s about finding moments of happiness in the never-ending cycles of chaos that make up our journey towards the inevitable end. And with its infectious beat and easy-going strums and bass-lines, the music backs that message up – even the short guitar solo, for all its tension – can’t help but sound optimistic.

The video is a simple but evocative one. The high-contrast black and white style, which could be interpreted as a quiet reference to South Africa’s complicated socio-political dynamic, is reminiscent of jam sessions way back in the day when the music world was just starting to become aware of the magic of the blues.

The placement of Davison and co. also helps add to the quiet glory of the video. Sat in an inward-facing circle in the middle of a warehouse the camera slowly, quietly pans around the group. It’s a reminder of how important a sense of community is when it comes to making music and how this most abstract of art forms has the power to bring people together and take shelter from our manic, confusing world.