Human Error’s latest acid rap release, Error Hominum, is a primary example of the impeccable talent present in Cape Town’s underground

Human Error is an underground rapper and producer based in Cape Town whose psychedelic lyricism and powerful imagery will leave your head in a momentary trance. The abstract acid rapper’s latest tape, Error Hominum, is the embodiment of a poet’s scattered thoughts woven into an audible journey.

The production is unique and often without drums, its theologian feel often as hypnotizing as religious mantras. Harmonious singing occasionally rings behind an array of strings that will take you to ancient Egypt, and the experience is ultimately intoxicating and meditative.

Lyrically, Human Error thrives, with exquisite wordplay and eerie metaphors that speak to the complicated mind of a rapper trying to navigate a world he is trying to make sense of. The rapper’s flow is smooth, poetic, and occasionally spoken word, and works in unison with the production to create an environment of unsettling self-reflection. “This broken mind I explore, and find myself in darkest corners with my back to the wall” (Error Hominum) – Human Error discovers himself and his shadow throughout the tape.

Human Error’s knack for language and alliteration is evident in his tongue twisting wordsmithing, yet the artist never loses track of what he’s trying to say. The battle with internal darkness taking place throughout the tape seems to be coupled with the idea that suffering is a prerequisite for growth, and that the polarity of life is something not to be forgotten. Good, after all, implies evil.

The two features on the tape execute exceptional verses, with both SmokeintheEye and Michael Michaelson matching Human Error’s impeccable lyricism. The sombre yet hopeful feel rings throughout the album.

Ultimately, Human Error turns dizzying introspection into art, and the album is yet another example of the talent present in Cape Town’s underground.