InDee burst onto the hip hop scene with a languid, retro banger of a single and video “325i”

Durban pretty much serves as the beating heart of hip hop in South Africa and somehow amid the overflowing scene, new artists consistently know how to make themselves known.

One such example is dynamic duo InDee, who have burst onto the airwaves with a sound which has been picked up both by beer adverts (we’re looking at you, Poison City), as well as spooled out by USA Vapetrick artist Calitrickz on his Instagram. Thanks to a hard hustle, their previous release “IMALI” even premiered on California radio station PLAN A.

They keep things close to home though – as their latest release and video goes to show. “325i” is a breezy, languid sit-back-and-put-your-feet-up sort of hip hop situation. Laced in jazzy inflections and a pretty, lo-fi melody line, isiZulu lyricism lays down over a muffled beat.

The video juxtaposes their daily grind and the nightly jol: a retro-feel visual jumping between the duo cutting shapes at their day jobs – flipping wings at Afro’s Chicken Shop – and sunsets spent cruising township streets pulsing with life. A low slung red ride drifts on a tight turn as they drop bars. They are as trendy as they are rough around the edges.