Kyle September delivers up a finger-licking pop anthem for the summer titled “Sweetness”

Saccharine, summery and just a little sexy, Kyle September’s sugary video for his pop-anthem “Sweetness” is here for your December enjoyment.

While it’s nothing you haven’t heard before – a radio-bred pop-bop right on time for the height of summer and your holiday frivolities – it’s enough of a feel-good love song to kick things off with a high vibe. “Sweetness” is a love song, really – a tightly produced concoction of crooning vocals, sweeping electronicism, and light-footed beat to lend the necessary bounce.

The video, directed and produced by Cole Matthews and Claudia Somjen, in turn gives it a somewhat sultry edge through a sleek disco-lit lens. Dusky purple and blue hues track silhouettes and close ups of elegant movement, before the real sweetness – all the bubblegum-popping, cupcake-eating, ice-cream-licking, slyly-winking lot of it – intercedes.

At its core, the video is trying to be artsy – and it very nearly succeeds, if it weren’t for the overarching genericness of the whole thing. Not that that’s a bad thing – far from it. A good old summer bop never gets old, and Kyle September knows just how to deliver.