myageisdigital’s new video “Bang Bang” is a striking surrealist commentary on Kevin Carter’s infamous vulture photograph

Our age is indeed digital and there’s something about the way myageisdigital puts himself across that portrays the world of electronic music as that much more of a sci-fi experiment. His latest single and accompanying video drives that point home even further, with a cleverly orchestrated sketch “animation” which lends a gritty, futuristic feel to his project as a whole.

“Bang Bang” was penned a while ago as a mugshot track which never quite found its own sound – now it comes through as a fully fledged electro-rock anthem, replete in eerie, building and relapsing soundscapes which leave you wanting. Written as an exploration of the furore which was ignited by the infamous Kevin Carter photograph of a starving girl and a vulture, the track come equipped not only with sonic guns, but contextual ones too.

The video takes an entirely difference stance – so much so that if it weren’t for the lyricism they’d hardly tally up. But the stance comes well rewarded with a unique visual in the form of sketched cutouts, clever iPhone footage, and a colour-soaked lens which results in a striking almost-animation – following a fallen astronaut attempting to fit into the world into which she’s landed.

The result is a striking, explosive, and yet simultaneously balanced, electro-rock banger, packed with creativity and nuance alike.