New Volume’s latest video for “I Want You” sees the rockers channel a more emotive and sentimental side

Despite this year not exactly working out according to New Volume’s plan, the alternative rock trio have been hard at work regardless.

Their brand new video titled “I Want You”, directed by South African Marcus Maschwitz, is a portrait of a relationship that no longer exists, but how its lingering effects are still felt regardless.

Featuring English actors and real life husband and wife, Sydney Rae White (Young Dracula) and Rob Kendrick (Sugartown), we’re introduced to the couple through their cutesy exploits on a British beachside before things seem to roll slowly downhill.

And while the video and song are miles away from the upbeat and carefree nature of “The Lucky Ones”, it’s great to see Tyron Layley flex a more emotive and sentimental side to his vocals.