South Africans stream for help: 1st for women partners with powerhouse line-up to produce advocating anthem “My Body”

A familiar song produced in 1983 and taught in schools around the world as part of a sexual abuse prevention programme, has been given a reboot to raise funds to fight the second pandemic – women abuse in South Africa.

“My Body” samples a song by educational psychologist Peter Alsop, and teaches themes such as consent and boundaries. The new track features artists including Lira, Juliet Harding from GoodLuck, Mariechan, who rose to fame as one third of the girl group, Jamali, and Gigi LaMayne. All funds raised from the download of “My Body” will be donated to the 1st for Women Foundation for its ongoing fight to end women abuse.

“I think one of the most important tools I have is my voice and I am thrilled to be able to lend my voice to this cause. We all have a responsibility to do something about women abuse and I am appealing to men to take care of us and to women – make your voices heard,” explains Lira.

“My Body” can be streamed or downloaded on all major music streaming sites. 

The track was conceptualised by Mike Sharman of Retroviral and composed by Chris Snyman and Garth Barnes and produced by TigerFight on behalf of 1st for Women, and the music video was conceptualised and produced by 10th Street and directed by Alison Martin.