Tanner Wareham’s debut single and video “Life’s Plan” is packed full of feel-good vibes

Durban-based multi-instrumentalist and looper Tanner Wareham has released his debut single “Life’s Plan”, along with an accompanying music video – and it’s packed full of fun and feel-good vibes.

It’s clear off the bat that Wareham’s debut single might just be the medicine we need to alleviate 2020’s headache. The song is like a sonic version of the saying ‘glass half full’, an anthemic offering that’s filled to the brim with optimism and idealism – almost to the point of being overwhelming to someone as jaded as me – served alongside a healthy dose of energy. 

Wareham navigates the lyrics of encouragement with confidence and ease, displaying great range and rich, dynamic vocals. The song itself features a whole range of instruments, from drums, to piano, guitar and trumpet, with the different sounds masterfully looped together to create a vibrant and upbeat melody packed with catchy hooks.

The perfect complement, the music video is wholesome and true to the track. Combining a handful of musicians with some good lighting, editing and a spattering of animation, the video is vibrant and full of energy – and it’s clear to see that everyone involved was having a good time. While the song may hover on the edge of cliché and occasionally come close to overdoing the positivity, its abundance of feel-good vibes and upbeat sound is here to lift your spirits whether you like it or not.