Texx Talks

Texx Talks S3 E12 features Desmond and the Tutus – globetrotting scene-shapers and indie rock darlings

Shane Durrant is the frontman of Desmond and the Tutus, the Pretorian DIY indie-rock band that spearheaded an entire scene in South Africa.

Known for their unique style of indie-rock and outlandish onstage antics, just as well as they are for their left-field name, the Tutus burst onto a scene that was more concerned with mainstream rock, ultimately finding a home on MK89 and an audience amongst a growing underground twenty-something community.

Rooted in strong kwela melodies and a DIY indie-punk attitude, they spearheaded an entire new wave of underground bands – from Oppikoppi to Osaka, Japan – and Shane explains their unconventional path to owning the moniker of “three time award-losing” band.

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