Texx Talks

Texx Talks S3 E15 features Lauv – the platinum-selling pop phenomenon who tackles issues plaguing a new generation

Lauv is a one-man boy band whose heartfelt pop bangers have turned him into an international internet megastar, racking up billions of streams, courtesy of mammoth collaborations with BTS, LANY and Troye Sivan.

With a knack for tapping into the issues that plague a new generation who are learning how to deal with the trappings of social media and the concept of loneliness, he expresses his feelings both eloquently and thoughtfully through a barrage of chart-topping platinum-selling singles that culminated in the release of his picture perfect, pop-rooted debut album in 2020.

From defining his own vocabulary to explain his anxiety and depression, to establishing a foundation for discourse around this, to reminiscing on his angsty teenage years, Lauv explains how the unconventional aspects of his identity ended up making him a household name.

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