Thabo Krouwkam finds the comedy in music, with a weirdly entertaining video for “Witchy Girl”

Singer-songwriter Thabo Krouwkam writes music that is deeply personal to him – although you might not think it when listening to it for the first time. Dominated by elements of pop, rock and funk, and a heavy vocal delivery that’s proper grungy, Krouwkam’s music hides a duality behind its layers of gnarly melody that, if not a little obscure at first, inevitably begins to grow on the listener. 

His debut EP Vulnerabilities dropped just over a month ago – and he’s already got a second one in the making, as well as a brand new music video for track “Witchy Girl”. Directed by Daniel Alexander, the video follows Thabo himself as he takes part in an exorcism that’s more humorous than terrifying. In fact, you might come away from the visual wondering what exactly it is you’ve just watched, which isn’t necessarily a good thing, even if it does crack absurd smiles all the way through. 

The track itself loops on one main riff whilst Thabo’s voice runs and growls around it, taking a cold hard look at how challenging change can be in a relationship. Yet again, it’s a personal creation offered up in a quirky, playful way, and ultimately, it’s a style that works for Krouwkam, pairing comedic artistry with adventurous musicality.