This is Fousheé: the femme-power once-uncredited viral star taking back what she’s owed

Back 2018 Fousheé made a collection of royalty-free samples and put them out into the ether – as in, the black hole of the internet. As luck would have it, one was picked up by Brooklyn drill rapper Sleepy Hollow to feature on his “Deep End Freestyle” and proceeded to go viral across the web. It took a good couple of months before Fousheé stumbled across it and identified herself on TikTok. By then the track has racked up millions of streams.

Clapping back to take advantage of a hype which had been built around her work, albeit uncredited, she dropped a full length version of the track and took back her story with decided confidence. “Deep End” was released in the throes of the protests which followed George Floyd’s death and came as a poignant message of black female empowerment as she stepped right into the fiercely outspoken feminist boots she was born to wear.

“She’s a boss, she’s a bitch / I’ll take that as a compliment,” she intones through a staticy VHS-style music video which dropped to accompany “Deep End”. Her story – as she has chosen to rewrite it – is one of a sudden acceleration to the top, fuelled by a unique sound and an unintentional viral hit finding foundation.

Her latest track, “Single AF” is a wholesome ode to a healthy breakup, fleshed out in lo-fi synth soundscapes and a cozy, comforting visual. It’s not your classic break up track and that right there is where she’s pushing the envelope in spinning the truth into this new venture of hers.

She’s fiery and hard-headed, deeply committed to the upliftment of her peers and pillowy in her sound at the same time. And in the era of TikTok superstars, Fousheé knows just how to work the social-media angle and the socio-political climate alike.