Thor Rixon teams up with his homeboy Gourmet to wax lyrical on social anxieties in a funk-infused video for “Stranger 4eva”

Thor Rixon has never been one to skimp on style or eccentricities – and to deliver one more reminder of just this, he’s teamed up with homie and musician Gourmet (Spaghetti Boy) for an ode to social anxieties.

“Stranger 4eva” comes along with an appropriately DIY-style, partly McGyvered visual – shot by Julian Evans of FarOutFilms, and edited by Alexander Pankiv-Greene

– which tallies right up to the synth-heavy groove of the track. At first glance, the video seems to be your run-of-the-mill hipster bop – replete in funky suits, Rixon’s now-trademark mullet, and sweeping views of Cape Town behind. But look a little closer and you’ll find it’s really just Rixon and Gourmet hilariously acting out what it is to be a human navigating this anxiety-riddled world of ours.

The two layer up their vocals for a dreamy-toned narrative on social anxiety which is all too relatable after a year like this. “You make me feel danger, like having to talk to strangers / make me wanna live forever, forever, forever a stranger,” they croon through lo-fi production – and yes, that just about sums up my own social proclivities at this point.