TiMO ODV and Aidin Caye’s video for “We Don’t Care” is a rebellious schoolboy’s daydream

Didn’t you ever wish, when confronted with an irate juffrou on the Monday after a lekker weekend, that you could tell her you just didn’t care, chuck your homework out the window and take the school by storm?

That’s pretty much the daydream TiMO ODV and Aidin Caye spell out in their cheeky video for “We Don’t Care”. Lifted off TiMO’s latest EP Midnight Children – and ode to the jollers, packed with ’80’s influence – “We Don’t Care” takes a slightly different tack as an EDM heavyweight of a track, replete in thudding (2020 inspired) bass and pitching vocals. It’s slick and polished, backed by a darker beat which lends it just enough of a serious edge to lift it at the corners.

The video, which comes a couple of days after the initial single release, is a back-to-school special through the eyes of a couple of kids who grew up – but not really.

A couple of overgrown schoolboys play out the rebellious daydream of every high schooler – to throw their middle finger up at the uniformed education system and wreak havoc for a day. TiMO and Aidin lead the force. They hand our free Fizzers, take a bite out of the teacher’s apple, cut shapes in the classroom, decorate the library in a confetti of torn book pages.

It’s all a daydream though – I mean who really has the guts to stand up to their juffrou like that anyway?