Tot Stilstand’s video for “Kop Bo Vuur” is a vertigo-inducing feast for the eyes

In true form, Tot Stilstand’s video for their latest single “Kop Bo Vuur” follows in the same explosive, frenetic foot-steps as the song.

Although the track does little to change the hard-rock formula, there’s a palpable sense of inescapable tension as the band shifts through a myriad of emotions, keeping you hooked to the last as vocalist Juan-Griffith Pollard exorcises a bridge burnt by mental illness.

The video is a non-stop, vertigo-inducing rollercoaster: the never-static camera making the whole thing feel like the peak of an action movie. Set in a multi-storied circular room, this is a live-performance video done right. Everything is clean and sophisticated, a combination of simple, smart lighting and mouth-watering lens-work make it a visual treat while the wild, unpredictable cinematography keeps pace with the song’s chaotic energy, making the whole production as exhilarating as a James Bond fight scene.

“Kop Bo Vuur” is a song packed with an intricate combination of emotions that give it an inherent sense of chaos and the visual matches all the subtleties of that chaos in a way seldom seen in music videos.