Yum Yuck’s latest album, Orange Sunshine, sounds just like a sonic sunset

Yum Yuck, the thriving solo project of Plastics frontman Pascal Righini, has been going from strength to strength since the release of his first single “Icicles” in 2015. He has cultivated an intimate bedroom-pop sound, drenched in retro charm and dreaminess. His latest album, Orange Sunshine, is an ethereal 7-track offering that might send you into a sonic daze you’ll be reluctant to leave.

From the opener “Blue Sunshine” through to closer “Loneliness” you’ll find yourself enveloped by tranquil melodies packed full of psychedelic appeal. The album unfolds with effortless ease, moving at a languid pace and taking the time to fully explore and appreciate the sounds and layered melodies that form the basis of each track. 

In keeping with its name, Orange Sunshine sounds like the sunset: it’s evocative and bursting with shimmering synth and saccharine chords that convey both the wistfulness and hopefulness that the setting sun brings. An unhurried drumline sets the pace, every so often picking up tempo only to fall back into lull, while Righini’s relaxed vocals are an invitation to lose yourself in the sound, as he masterfully navigates the reflective and contemplative lyrics.
From the dreamy strains of “Blue Sunshine” to the almost dance-worthy change of pace in “Setting Sun”, the tracks never stray far from the ethereal ease that characterises the album. Orange Sunshine is both deeply personal and inviting, with Righini creating a sound that truly embodies the tranquillity of the end of the day and wraps you in a warm sonic embrace.