Brand new breezy bar dropper J’mal makes blunt visual and sonic debut

Cape Town-based hip hop artist rolling under the moniker J’mal slaps the scene with his debut single and music video – and he’s not kidding around, with his next one, “On The Road” already lined up. 

J’mal has been making music and developing his musical style for four years but the self taught mix engineer and recording artist, hailing from Gugulethu, only walked onto the scene last year carrying his explicit albeit punchy debut single and music video, “Toxic”.

The dual experience of growing up in ‘the Kasi’ (the township) and attending school in Cape Town’s affluent neighbourhoods has overflowed into his musical work as he juxtaposes abrasive, substantial lyrics with fanciful videos, like in his debut.

A collaborative effort filmed and edited by Juzzy of Deboov Studios alongside Shak and Tash Toefy of Half & Halve, the video was filmed over two days in three different locations. 

The politics and film major is tired of studying so he hotlines Jess Le Brun for a Signal Hill sunset jaunt purposefully contrasting the single’s edgy lyrics with a more courteous and gentleman-like teen romance between J’mal and his love interest.

J’mal’s next single together with self-directed, self-edited visual offering, “On The Road” is locked and loaded and he’s about to pull the trigger. With the intention to show off his creative versatility, this impromptu video was shot by J’mal’s younger cousin, Bahati, in two locations in Johannesburg using J’mal’s Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

This fresh-faced underground hip hopper seems determined to leave his mark in the industry and we’re here for it.