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From The Vault: Texx Talks featuring Passenger

We are taking a little break over at Texx Talks and prepping for our next season, in the interim, we have our Passenger episode “From The Vault” in celebration of his brand spanking new album Songs for the Drunk and Lonely Hearted.

Michael David Rosenberg – better known to all of us as Passenger – is an award-winning, chart topping singer-songwriter who commands the stage and your attention, like few solo acts can and do.

This Brighton-born musician is a master storyteller, seeking out the charming in the seemingly mundane, and spinning songs that remind us of the importance of human interaction in an all too out-of-touch technological world.

With his intimate, folk-inflected sound, this one-man band has built a loyal following, and he chats to us about a recent foul purchase, chasing an endless summer and how commanding a street corner ultimately prepares you to face 65 000 fans.

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Listen to Texx Talks featuring Passenger below.