Groove meets Jedi in Ovah Craft’s brand-new album, Style Wars

The new year is here and what better way to kick it off than taking a deep dive into Ovah Craft’s brand-new instrumental album Style Wars: a laid-back Star Wars-inspired offering that is filled with undeniably mellow groove.

It is abundantly clear that Ovah (real name Lebogang Mdlovu), who hails from Soweto, has an ear for music as he masterfully navigates a plethora of different styles and sounds throughout the course of the 11-track album. Star Wars’ influence on the album is easy to see, from the song titles (“A New Hope”, “New Hope”, “Black Jedi” – you get the picture) to sound clips lifted directly off the movies’ soundtracks, scattered throughout the album – including the lauded main title making an appearance in “Intro”. 

Style Wars’ sound, however, is harder to describe as it refuses to be boxed up in any one genre. The album effortlessly jumps between vintage-style genres, resulting in an eclectic tangent that channels influences ranging from jazz to soul and hip hop. The finished product is as audibly interesting as it is cool, drawing you in with the promise of a galactic adventure and taking you on a journey through Craft’s carefully curated soundscape.