Introducing Joshua Mol: multifaceted med school musician rising through the ranks with his album, Joshua

We always stan the multi-faceted musician and, in the case of Cape Town native Joshua Mol, he’s balancing a fledgling music career with third year in med school. A very fresh face in the music industry (as in, started writing music in 2020 fresh), Mol has proven, with the release of his full-length debut album Joshua, that years of experience isn’t always necessary for success. 

Having written and recorded the songs himself at his home, Mol has managed to put together an easygoing indie album that could rival some of last year’s big local releases – seriously. Over the course of its 10 tracks, it becomes clear that Joshua is overwhelmingly enjoyable, with a sound that effortlessly balances anthemic with understated – focusing on simple, guitar-heavy melodies that perfectly complement his vocals.

From the upbeat energy of “Everblu” to “Better Off, Rosie”’s foray into rock territory, each of the songs is awash with guitar: from lilting chords, subtle hooks and the occasional riff, which integrate effortlessly with the steady drumline that is carried throughout the album.

From his thoughtful and introspective lyrics which deftly navigate his subconscious as he searches for meaning, to his rich vocals with their earnest appeal and placid delivery, Mol has created an undeniably authentic album, here for your enjoyment.