Lemon Zest’s DIY video for “Best Friends in Love” is angst-indulgent pop to bop to

Lemon Zest (aka Jasmine Minter) has been far from idle over the last year. She reeled out a slew of singles, products of the time well spent in the throes of Mother City isolation – including “In My Head” which featured Oliver Amos and 50% of whose revenue was channeled directly to both Colour of Change and NAACP Legal Defence Fund in support of the Black Lives Matter movement in June last year.

Cut to January 2021 and her latest offering “Best Friends In Love” just dropped with her accompanying DIY music video here to back it up. From a production perspective, Lemon Zest shines this time around. Slick, slow melody lines and an idle beat push the alt-pop track forward at a comfortable pace. She’s got the sort of professionalism behind her sound which comes only from fraternising – see sharing the stage with – the likes of Ard Matthews, Majozi and Prime Circle.

Thematically, “Best Friends In Love” simpers on the verge of an adolescent, heartbreak-induced pop banger. It’s not quite a banger though – the even pace of the track and the equally low-tempo video makes sure of that in the best of ways. The visual, shot on her iPhone, is doused in a vintage-style treatment, charting her heartbroken, love-letter-reading self even as she pulls herself out of it all to come to terms with the breakup which forms the centre-point of the song at large.