Lucky Star’s ultimate patriotic anthem “Siyacela Nkosi” sees Dlala Mlungu, BreakDlaw and Terrence McKay team up for SA pride

It’s not every day your country’s leading pilchards brand brings you the leading summer anthem – but Lucky Star is not just any old leading pilchards brand: they’re here for your musical patriotism, apparently.

After teaming up with youth radio station YFM, Lucky Star launched their Get In The Mix campaign, geared at finding a track to get the whole country moving. Among the deluge of entries, which spanned every genre from pop to gqom, they found a winner: “Siyacela Nkosi”.

It’s a three part collaboration – pairing quick-tongued skills of Dlala Mlungu & Breaklaw with the lyrical prowess of Terrence McKay. The result is a feel-good amapiano anthem, decked out in all the frills to make it as proudly South African as they can without falling into any generic flytraps. Think sleek production and percussive beats: an even-tempered nod at the national anthem while holding its own in equal measure.

The video brings Lucky Star right into the mix with block-coloured animation, jiving silhouettes and enough stop-motion pilchards to pay tribute to the brand that made this all happen. Colours pop, people move, select lyrics blast through to hit home.

It’s infectious, it’s slick and it’s the feel-good ode to the homeland we all deserve right now.