Made For Broadway get indulgently romantic in wholesome party-hookup of a video for “Not A Man”

There’s nothing like finding love on the sticky dance floor of Beerhouse, is there?

Made For Broadway’s latest video, which comes to bolster their track “Not A Man”, chronicles just that. With effervescent charm it backtracks through a passionate first night – from the cozy morning after, to wrap up the moment they met.

Taking things out of the all too familiar pop-punk corner they have been inhabiting pretty much since their inception, Made For Broadway take a pop-rock slant this time around. “Not A Man” compounds high-energy riffage, easy pop vocals, and a touch of zesty synth right at the end, for a dance-worthy anthem packed with enough sultry edge to pit it against it’s own generic shortcomings.

“I’ll make you lose your mind [..] I’m a god not a man tonight,” comes the crooning lyricism spilled across the backdrop of a Jozi evening. Silent Disco headphones bob on the dancefloor, tequila flows, and a love story replays in reverse through the lens of award winning filmmaker Shaun James.

It’s as comfortably familiar as it is boldly rollicking: romantic rock for your listening pleasure.