Newcomer Tyler Page’s debut single “Don’t Believe the Aliens” is an ethereal work of art

It’s always a treat to come across young South Africans on the cusp of an exceptional, burgeoning music career, and Capetonian alt-pop singer Tyler Page is just that.  

“Don’t Believe the Aliens”, Page’s dreamlike debut single, introduces the newcomer’s distinctively sultry vocal style and invites us to leave behind reality and take a trip through the stars. Unravelling with slow precision, the song is equal parts atmospheric and intimate, characterised by simple yet expansive melodies – pivoted on brooding strings and a minimal drumline that at times falls into a metronome-like beat. Page’s vocals are hypnotic, as she weaves her way through simplistic lyrics with a soulful self-assuredness that is captivating. 

Falling somewhere between moody and surreal, the video complements the dreamlike appeal of the song through a combination of ethereal cinematography, whimsical colours, intimate selfie-style clips of Page, a little bit of rooftop dancing and, of course, a requisite alien abduction. In short, it’s an evocative offering that’s visually stirring and strange – it doesn’t really make any sense and that’s okay.