The Main Tips on How to Get a Job in The Music Industry

After graduation, you must have received tons of career advice from many professors and elders. But most of these pieces of advice do not apply to a student interested in making a career in the music industry. Career counsellors hit a dead end as soon as they come across a music student. But fear not, this article will shine light upon various tips that may help you land your dream job in the music industry. 

What Is Your End Goal

Before you take a step forward in the music industry, it is imperative to know your end goal. If you aim to gain some experience in the music world and move on to another sector of the entertainment industry, there are certain things you have to keep in mind. Always apply for positions that are located in the most popular music companies. Even if it pays less, the experience you shall get will be priceless. Your end goal matters a lot because one wrong move can have drastic consequences on your career.

For example, if you aim to become a singer, working in a production company would be counterproductive. You might be involved in the management side, and your dream of becoming a popular singer may get sidelined. Working in the music industry is an opportunity of a lifetime. So choose well. Specialization is an integral step if you want to succeed in the music industry. There must be an instrument or a side of music that you have mastered. For example, you might be the jack of all trades and excel at playing the piano and the guitar. But always remember that there is one thing that you are better at. Focus on that thing while you apply for a job. Only when you have a clear head about your end goal, will you be able to secure the perfect job.

Crafting The Perfect Resume

This goes without saying, but your resume must be outstanding. Getting into the music industry requires you to have an excellent resume. Creating the perfect resume is not easy, especially if you aim to land a music industry job. Try to get as creative as possible, so that the employer may know that you are one of a kind. Your CV is the first impression in front of the employer. If you want to leave an impact, put all your effort on that one document. The person responsible for hiring goes over hundreds of CV’s daily. Ensure the one you send has a catchy pattern and exhibits your skills most creatively.  Writing a great resume is easy; just focus on some tips given below:

  • Avoid Putting Irrelevant Stuff; A good resume will contain information that aids in easing job hiring. Avoid adding up personal information that has no ground in being in your resume.
  • Put The Best First; Make sure that you add your best skills at the resume’s start. The employer must take a glance and know that you are the best candidate for the job. Otherwise, he might be bored and toss your CV in the pile of rubbish. For example, list down your music skills in the front so that the employer may know that that’s where you shine. 
  • Don’t Add Too Many Pages; The employer has no time to go through a five-page long resume. Try to avoid wordy sentences and keep your CV concise.

If you still find it difficult and resume writing is not your strong suit, you may always look for professional academic cv writing services like ResumeThatWorks.com. These writing agencies hire the best people from all over the world to make your CV’s unique and exceptional.

Get Creative

Unleashing your creativity will help you a great deal while working in the music industry. While making your Cv, always remember that most companies are looking for creative people. Try to make it fancy, and use strong vocabulary in writing. This will leave a positive impression in front of the reader, increasing your chance of getting hired. The music industry is interested in people who can express themselves to the fullest. If you won’t be able to sell yourself on a long piece of paper, how can the employer expect you to perform well on a stage in front of millions of people? Creativity may be achieved by adding a guitar background on your Cv, or whatever instrument you play.

Volunteer Work

No one likes to work for free. But remember that an unpaid internship might elevate the level of your resume. Whenever someone asks me how to get into the music industry, I always tell them to participate in tons of volunteer work. For example, you might play songs on charity events for free. This won’t pay you much, but the employer might hire you because of this one act. If you are a student and aim to make a spot in the music industry, university assignments and research papers might off track you from this goal. You can always buy research papers from credible online writing services such as WriteMyEssayForMe.co.uk. These writing agencies have expert writers to look after your writing needs.


Creating a strong network is one of the most important acts that might get you a one-way ticket in the music industry. Your network must be strong and vast, so that you may benefit from it later on. Establish a social media presence and try to increase your followers by creating good content. Your network must include some important music personalities and who can help you launch in the music world. If you have a weak network, it might take you years to find the perfect job. Work hard from the start, and ease up the process right after graduation.

Healthy Competition

A little healthy competition is essential to leap forward in the music industry. Try to stay in contact with your peers and always aim to be the best. Take extra classes to master your skills and stay above the candidate list. Viola Ellis, a business developer, who cooperates with CustomEssayOrder, states that you should do your best in every business and if you have to do something, you must do that no matter what.

No matter how much anyone sugarcoats it, landing a job in the music industry is not easy. It is more difficult than any other department because the hiring process is based on pure skill rather than other factors. Even if you get rejected from a job, don’t lose hope. Just pick yourself up and dust yourself off. There are various jobs in the music industry, and you can always look for other opportunities.

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