TOMS are gearing up for their biggest endeavour and reveal yet this Friday and we can’t wait

In spite of the numerous curveballs thrown their way in 2020, TOMS never stopped supporting us, or their community at large.

Whether it was coming onboard as a gear sponsor for the launch of our music interview podcast, Texx Talks, or opening a second hand store next to their flagship store in Braamfontein to cater for all sorts of budgets, TOMS made sure that they were there to make everyone’s lives a bit easier during our nationwide lockdown(s).

Not only that, but it seems that TOMS have been hard at work online too, giving their site a fine tune for a mega launch this Friday that I’m confident will change the game totally for The Only Music Shop in the country.

Be sure to head on over to on Friday the 15th of January for their epic reveal.